Tips to Speed Up Your Home Sale

Tips to Speed Up Your Home Sale

Sep 23, 2019

As a home seller, you must understand the mechanics of selling a home. Several aspects such as location and market forces come into play and are likely to impact the speed of the sale. If you haven’t sold a home yet, you will encounter constant pressure as this is a new venture.

Implement the following tips to hasten a home sale effectively:

Pre-listing inspection of Property

You are expected to make disclosures about the property regarding furnace problems, structural damage, and other issues. Therefore, a pre-listing home inspection can be scheduled before a house is put on the market in order to identify any potential issues.

Strict Contingency Dates

You must make sure that the contingency dates are clearly stated in the purchase agreement and well understood by the buyers. Mortgage approval, homeowners’ insurance, inspections, deposits, and other steps within the buying procedure should be completed within the given deadline.

Tracks and Updates

To quickly sell a home, both you and your buyer should dispatch documents in a timely manner and maintain transparent communication. Although it is impossible to control a buyer’s timeline, you can ensure that responsibilities are completed on time from your end. Keep track of when documents are delivered and received from both parties.

Proper Pricing of Property

The pace of a home sale is likely to slow down with an exaggerated price tag. If you have numerous viewers but no offers or the offers received are petty, it is high time to consider a price drop on your home.

Valid Home Staging

The keys to proper home staging are modernity, hygiene, spaciousness, and comfort. The main motive behind staging a home is to attract and appeal to the maximum number of prospective buyers while creating a welcoming environment.


Preparing the documents before selling a home not only speeds up a home sale but also makes the entire process more lenient and convenient. With documentation ready and in order, both the buyer and you do not have to hunt down documentation with no time in hand.

Although the entire process of selling a home isn’t solely in your hands or the buyer’s, with combined efforts from both ends, profitable results can be attained. If you follow the mentioned tips and take the necessary steps in a timely manner, you can speed up the sale process

How to Sell Your House Fast

Selling your home quickly should always be the primary focus, no matter the degree of motivation you have. The golden rule of any real estate transaction applies here – “the longer your property stays out there on the market, the more it’s value deteriorates”.     

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