How to Sell Your House Fast

How to Sell Your House Fast

Oct 22, 2019

Selling your home quickly should always be the primary focus, no matter the degree of motivation you have. The golden rule of any real estate transaction applies here – “the longer your property stays out there on the market, the more it’s value deteriorates”.     

So, if you plan on selling your home, you need to act smart and do it fast. There are some underlying factors at play here that are simply non-negotiable. They will impact the speed of your sale, and all you need to do is play your cards right and influence them in your favour. Here’s how:

Choosing the best time to sell

Before you display that “For sale” sign, you need to spend some time researching the market. Your aim will be to figure out the time when “buyer demand” is high. The seasonal demand is the prime factor here. Autumn and Spring are traditionally considered to be a good time to sell your house. Autumn lacks any sort of major holidays, and the respective parties try to complete the transaction as soon as possible, to avoid any sort of clamour during Christmas. In Spring, the weather and sunshine will automatically boost your home’s appeal, while the approaching academic year also plays a role.

Prepare for the show

“First impression is the last impression.” “Appearance is key.” Sounds good? Your home will be viewed under two distinct scenarios – “vacant” and “occupied”. In both instances, it’s crucial to appeal to people’s emotions. Make your house presentable. This requires a trivial investment that is going to ensure a bright future and pay off in kind.

Setting the right price

Setting an unrealistic price with the idea of negotiating it down later doesn’t work in real estate. Remember, buyers will have their homework done, and chances are, they will figure out your home’s worth correctly. So, the approach is to check the prices of other properties in the neighbourhood and set your price accordingly.

Settle for the best offer

This is where your research comes into play again. You will take into account the information gathered on the market and also the buyer during viewings, which will help you to fork out the most appropriate offer. Whether the buyer is chain-free, whether they have adequate finances available for the transaction, whether a mortgage is necessary – these are some basic queries that will come up. Pro-tip-  “the best offer is not necessarily the one with the highest price.”

You need to understand the mechanics of selling a home right. If your property has a prime location, you’re probably halfway there. However, you will still need to follow these tips to reach the endpoint.

All you require is a correct approach and adequate preparation, and you will sell your house quickly.

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