How to find the right home buyer

How to find the right home buyer

Jan 7, 2019

House repairs are getting too expensive, moving, job transfer and retiring are reasons to sell a house quickly. Sometimes putting your house on the market can be a long and costly process which you probably don’t have either. Homebuyers typically don’t want to give away their homes, they still desire a decent offer. Here are some tips on finding the right home buyer that is a right fit for you.


With Google at your disposal, doing research is a simple task although it can be intimidating with the abundance of information. Here are things to note when comparing home-buyers.

  • Business vs. dad-son operation. A business proves to be a reliable source because they are doing this as their full-time job as opposed to finding extra income on the side. A business is ambitious to get your referral and positive testimonial so good client relations is a priority.
  • Website and branding. You might encounter companies with similar looking websites. Some with paragraphs stating the same “too good to be true” offer they can do for you. These are cut and paste sites that take no effort in making. Finding a company with a unique website and brand shows that the business is willing to go the extra length to be a professional and distinctive business.
  • Make sure they are a local business with a local address. This means they’ll have a better knowledge of the market and easier to meet in person.


Avoid getting tangled up in an online-only or 1-800 dial a home buying company. Meet the professionals at the company you choose face-to-face. A reputable home buying company should have a place of contact–an office that runs like a business with the office tools to process paperwork and everything else that must do with your sale. Refrain from doing any transactions online until you meet someone from the company directly. Most home buying companies have professionals who will drive to your home to experience it and introduce themselves to you. Finding a home buying company with agents who are knowledgeable in the changes in the market is significant. Make sure the company you choose has expert level agents with the know-how on how to price your home.


Find out from reviews or referrals if the company you choose has been in operation for a while. Seeing activity in their social media is a good thing too. It shows that they are current in their operations and an active company.

The offer.

When they give you an offer, don’t jump at it straight away, especially if it seems very high. Don’t forget that companies need to make profit. If they’re offering a large amount of money, chances are it will be lowered at the last minute. If the valuation by the company is less than thorough, again this is a clear warning sign that things may not be as clear as you want them to be. Ask how the company makes its valuation, and contact local estate agents to get a true and realistic opinion of the property’s value.

As mentioned earlier, a cash buyer is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to be rid of a property quickly which relieves strain and stress. Be sure to benefit from the stress relief by choosing the right company to buy your house from the start. Choosing the wrong company can put you in a loop of bad decisions and eventually take an offer you might regret.

How to Sell Your House Fast

Selling your home quickly should always be the primary focus, no matter the degree of motivation you have. The golden rule of any real estate transaction applies here – “the longer your property stays out there on the market, the more it’s value deteriorates”.     

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